Hassle Free Claim Process


Our aim at Injury Claims Scotland is to simplify and speed the process up. So that you are clearly aware of what is going on throughout your claim and that we get a quick and efficient result for you.




Initial contact to Injury Claims Scotland - One of our advisor will take down all information related to the accident so that the claim can be assessed.

After we have obtained and assessed all information related to the accident we carefully select one of our specialist solicitors to represent you. You will not have to pay any costs towards the solicitor as they will be recovered by the third party i.e. the party that we are holding responsible e.g. Insurance Company of the driver at fault or the insurance company of your employers.

We will contact you WITHIN 48 hours to notify you that the claim has been accepted and arrange a home visit to explain the whole claims process. We go through all questions that you may have and make sure everything is clear before the claim begins. However at times liability can be disputed so the process of the claim can be prolonged. Our advisor will explain in more detail.


We will gather evidence of all losses that you have suffered i.e. Loss of salary, medical expenses, travelling expenses etc. ( NOTE: It is important that you keep all receipts and documents that can support your loss).

An independent medical consultant will examine you at an area and time that is convenient to you to establish the extent of your injury to prepare a medical report.

All evidence of your losses and the medical report is put forward to the third party who will come back to us with an offer.


If we are in agreeance with the offer we will then request your cheque for compensation.

You receive your cheque compensating you for your injuries and losses.

Your claim will be funded on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS. No win no fee means that if you do not win your claim, you do not have to pay your solicitor a fee. Insurance will cover you against the other side's costs and expenses. Your solicitor's costs should be paid by the other side. We will also explain the No Win No Fee agreement to you clearly before you start a claim.


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